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Who are we?

SEFDEY is a professional association intended to provide a ‘voice’ for early years and to endorse the quality of Degrees offered within the sector.

It was first inaugurated in 2002 by HEIs (Higher Education Institutions), as an independent body, prior to being taken over by the CDWC (Children’s Workforce Development Council) and has now reverted to this independent and autonomous status.
HEIs that adhere to the requirements of SEFDEY recognised programmes can apply to have their course sector endorsed. This endorsement offers reassurance to students, parents and employers that the course they are embarking upon is a quality programme, suited to the needs of the local and national workforce.
A Sector-Endorsed Foundation Degree (level 5) is intended for practitioners, normally with an appropriate level 3 qualification or equivalent, who are employed in the children’s workforce. Foundation Degrees were originally brought in by the government of the day to:
‘….ensure that all childcare is of good quality, so that it meets the needs of children, and parents can have confidence in it. We aim to increase very substantially the number of skilled, qualified people working with children.’ (1998, DfEE)
Whilst a Foundation Degree is a recognised, quality programme in its own right, as a graduate of a Sector Endorsed Foundation Degree, students can be assured that there will be a clearly delineated progression route to a full honours degree (which may also be sector endorsed by SEFDEY) and beyond, commensurate with their working status.
A Foundation Degree carries a define value of 240 Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme (CATS) points in the UK system.


Who are we?
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