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Learning Outcomes

Core Work-based Learning Outcomes

Upon graduating with a Sector Endorsed Foundation Degree a learner should be able to demonstrate appropriate knowledge and understanding and have demonstrated in the workplace that they can:

  1. Promote the play, development and learning of young children.

  2. Assess and enhance young children’s development and learning.

  3. Plan for, and where appropriate, implement the provision of assessment, evaluation and improvement of creative development and learning opportunities taking account of young children’s health and wellbeing.

  4. Support and enhance young children’s welfare and personal, social and emotional development.

  5. Safeguard children, contribute to protection from abuse and promote children’s rights.

  6. Support and promote inclusive practices and the voice of the child.

  7. Manage sessions with young children in individual and/or group settings.

  8. Engage in positive relationships in a respectful and reciprocal manner with parents and carers and families to enhance children’s development and learning.

  9. Lead, support and work collaboratively with others and demonstrate an understanding of working in teams with parents, carers and other professionals.

  10. Manage own resources and strive to demonstrate excellence of practice.

  11. Use evidence of research to inform practice. 

  12. Comply with statutory and legal requirements and responsibilities for people working with young children in the UK.

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