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Developmental Dyslexia from Birth to Eight - A Practioner's Guide

Developmental Dyslexia from Birth to Eight takes a fresh approach to a condition which is often poorly understood and unjustly stigmatised. Illuminating the latest neurological advances in the field, this book will empower educational professionals to play a decisive role in supporting and encouraging children with dyslexia.

With an overarching focus on the ways in which practitioners can advance children’s development and learning, this book recognises the varying guises in which this information-processing difference might present and addresses the challenges that this creates for children and practitioners alike. Each chapter provides the reader with a thorough examination and explanation of dyslexia, along with reflective examples, case studies and relevant further reading. Areas of focus include:

  • The origins and identification of dyslexia

  • Intervention strategies and alternative therapies

  • Observation and assessment

  • Dyslexia and English as a foreign language

  • Dyslexia-friendly setting

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