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Sefdey Competition 

Every Year Sefdey offers an opportunity for members and partners to submit student work they have highlighted as exceptional. This competition is open to students currently engaged with a Sector Endorsed Foundation Degree in Early Years/Early Childhood studies (or equivalent). Age range 0-8 years. Tutors are encouraged to submit individual student assignments that have been assessed as part of the award during the previous 12 months. They should be examples deemed outstanding at either Level 4 or Level 5 of their awards. Assignments may be submitted in any of the following formats:-

1.Presentations in any digital format

2.Written format

3.Academic posters

Only two entries per level can be submitted per HEI or FEI (no more than 4 assignments).  Assignments must be submitted electronically (via e-mail) to   on or before 13th January 2024

The judges will be looking for:


  • Depth of research.

  • Depth of reflection on personal learning of an aspect of practice related to their assignment

  • Quality of argument and analysis.

  • Range of knowledge

  • Well-structured organisation and presentation.

  • A perceptive piece of work, showing independence of thought.

  • Well-argued and insightful.

  • Display the highest professional standards relating theory to their practice.

  • Well referenced throughout.

  • Adhere to all ethical guidelines.

SEFDEY Professional Association

Assignment Competition 2023

Rules and Guidelines

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